Residential Carpentry

Whether you are building a new Addition to your residence or planning a New Construction Single Family Home, you have found the right Carpenters for the job. Carpentry is at the core our in house services.

We work with all dimensional lumber, engineered lumber, custom trusses or pre-fabricated system assemblies. Take advantage of our complimentary material take off services, when you award us your project. This service ensures that your lumber vendor is not only selling you the correct lumber for the job, but that it is also being delivered in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Since we use large mechanical lifts to raise all our lumber, it is also in our interest to not have any unneeded lumber laying around on your job site as we navigate our machine to deliver your material or pre-assembled sections up for quick attachment. This is the most cost effective and efficient form of modern residential carpentry where we combine old world carpentry skills with the latest mechanical and hydraulic construction technology.

Services Offered: Commercial Carpentry, Rough Framing, Carpentry framing, Construction framing, Rough carpentry, Structural carpentry, Metal stud framing, Metal studs, Fireproof framing, Fireproof carpentry, Fire treated lumber, Light gauge metal framing, Light gauge carpentry, Dimensional lumber carpentry, Engineered lumber carpentry, LVL carpentry and LVL framing.