Hudson Construction Services, Inc. is full service Construction Company with a focus on medium to large scale projects, while still being able to offer bundled packages of construction services to shopping mall managers, real estate investors, and commercial asset managers alike. Our combined Team’s experience spans 186 years. Since 1999 Hudson Construction has served the greater Chicagoland markets, and is proud to announce a new division, Hudson Commercial Carpentry (HCC), specifically attuned to the needs of Commercial Clients seeking bundled solutions for Rough Carpentry, Non-Foam Insulation, Drywall, Acoustical Ceiling and Millwork services.You can trust us to have completed most any project you intend. Our employees cover all non-licensed aspects or residential, commercial, industrial, medical and governmental construction, while a hand-picked cadre of licensed specialty firms are at your disposal.

We offer you line-item pricing on any project with more than one phase in the Scope of Work. When you require multiple bids, your Scope of Work, and Plans will be posted in a password protected area on the servers, to ensure maximum privacy and limited exposure, to only trusted contractors for bidding. Your assigned Project Manager can send weekly updates or Photo Journals on your project.  We can also offer a documentation service with GPS grade location and time stamps, for each photo, overlaid onto your floor plans, for remote access and quality control in real time, perfect for presentations and meetings to investors or asset managers.  If you wish for even more discretion, we can work with your security or IT Company to custom tailor the correct level access to meet your needs.

Hudson Construction Mission Statement
It is Hudson Construction’s Corporate Mission to deliver useful and valuable construction related services and products to our Client with dedication to our Core Values, Systems & Processes at the highest level of transparent communication and documentation, to consistently achieve one goal above all others: total Client Satisfaction.

Hudson Construction is an experienced and established Chicago based company focused on providing on time and on budget, well communicated and documented projects in the shopping center, retail, restaurant, bank, office, light medical, dental and hospitality sectors of the construction industry.

Our in-house estimators will make quick work of your plans and have bids turned around in 72 hours or less!

Please keep us in mind for your upcoming projects and add us to your bid list! Contact Us today for pricing.


Bogumila Barton


Michelangelo Siracki

Project Manager

Stan Murman


Adam Kopec


George Sirack

Sales & Field Supervisor

Peter Fras

IT Design & Integration Manager

Bogumila Barton - President

Since 1986 a Chicagoland business owner, Mrs. Barton understands the needs to on-time, on-budget project fulfillment. Committed to excellence in the workplace, Mrs. Barton oversees all the Administrative and Financial functions of her Firm.

Michelangelo Siracki - Project Manager

14 years of experience in the residential and commercial construction industry. Specializing in feasibility, construction management and
logistics, with excellent communication skills, Mr. Siracki’s ability to facilitate unrestricted construction operations from project inception and
design through the local municipality’s Certificate of Occupancy permits are invaluable assets for any Asset Manager, Investor Group or Client.

Stan Murman - Supervisor

36 years of experience in the residential and commercial construction industry. In the late 1970′s and 1980′s Mr. Murman focused on the residential market. In the 1990′s Mr. Murman began working on commercial, flat roof projects with a polymer built-up roofing system designed for long-term reliability in any climate and on any type of roof. Over the year his capacity has shifted to the entire Superstructure Exterior encompassing all exterior building phases of construction from demolition and excavation to windows and roofing.

Adam Kopec - Supervisor

16 years of experience in the residential, commercial and government construction industry. In 1995 Mr. Kopec began rehabbing homes in Chicago. In 2003 Mr. Kopec began working on new construction and commercial projects and government work in 2008, which allowed him to hone his skills on focusing and marshaling of the many required teams needed to complete complex projects.

Peter Fras - IT Design & Integration Manager

17 years of experience in designing, building, installing and integrating IT systems, CCTV, phone systems, and pre-press equipment. Peter’s deep understanding of electronics, mechanics and variety of computer languages allows him to either upgrade your existing legacy systems or implement a new, state of the art suite which will grow with your company and needs.